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Welcome to Stock Bag Depot, your home for a wide range of Side Gusseted Bags, Stand-Up Pouches, Flat Pouches, Roll Films, Paper Bags, PLA Paper Bags, and many other packaging accessories. We also offer Label Application, Hang Hole Application Service, Tin Tie Application, Label and Custom Printing Services.

Bakery Bags - Recycled Paper & Pla Window - Un-bleached Paper & Pla Window - Un-bleached Paper Bag - Bakery Sheet
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Gusseted Bags - Plain Foil - Plain Foil With Matte - Quad Seal Foil - Natural Kraft - Aroma Foil - Poly - Quad Seal Nylon - Plantation Kraft - Square Bottom Foil - Paisley - Plain Foil Easy Peel - White Kraft
Stand Up Pouches - Plain Foil - Plain Foil With Matte - Plain Foil With Easy Tear Line - Natural Kraft Foil - Poly/foil - Poly - Poly With Window - Natural Kraft With Window - Metallized - Metallized Easy Tear Line - Metallized Rice Paper - Patterned Cotton Paper - Rice Paper With Window - Snack Pack - Natural Kraft Metallized - White Kraft
Flat Pouches - Plain Metallize - Aroma Metallize - "decaf" Metallize - "premium Coffee" Metallize - Poly
Roll Films - Metallized Plain - Foil Plain - Metallized Aroma - Metallized "decaf" - Metallized "premium Coffee"
Paper Bags - Tin Tie & Poly Liner - Tin Tie & Poly Window - Poly Liner - No Tin Tie - Tin Tie & Pla Liner - Tin Tie & Pla Window - Tin Tie & Snak Pak Liner - Tin Tie & 100% Recycled Paper - Tin Tie & 100% Recycled Paper Window
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Packaging supplier of coffee bags, foil bags, paper bags, stand up pouches and flat pouches for all your flexible packaging needs. Our bags can package coffee, food, snacks, pet treats and various other products.

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