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Label Printing
Label Printing


There are plenty of pressure sensitive label manufactures to choose from, but at Soestern Packaging, we continually invest in our tools to be your quality-driven partner. We will bring you innovative pressure sensitive label solutions that drive sales and grow your brand. Whether you like the labels to be large or small, colorful or simple, you need to make sure that your labels represent you well. Make them high-quality and high-value appeal. Draw your audience’s attention by adding a story and convey a strong brand image through your labels.


To get a quick price quote, simply provide us with the following:


1. Label size (width x height)

2. Label shape (square or rounded corners, custom shape)

3. Material (White paper, Foil paper, Kraft paper or Clear Poly)

4. Type of adhesive: permanent or repositionable

5. Quantity per label if more than one artwork

6. Any other special request

Artwork Specifications:

Flexo Label Artwork Requirement

Digital Label Artwork Requirement


Labeling Service

Soestern Packaging offers labeling service for our customer! For a minimal application fee, your bags will be professionally labeled and ready for packing in no time! Click here for more details.




Label Printing