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What methods are used to apply valves, tin ties, hang holes, and labels to packaging?

Valves, tin ties, hang holes, and labels serve essential roles in packaging, enhancing both functionality and branding. Here's how each element is applied:

  1. Valves: Primarily used in flexible packaging for perishable items like coffee and tea, valves facilitate degassing. They are heat-sealed onto the packaging during or after the manufacturing process. These valves allow gases to escape while preventing oxygen ingress, preserving product freshness by preventing bloating.

  2. Tin Ties: Ideal for resealing bags of dry goods such as coffee and baked goods, tin ties are applied post-manufacturing. Adhesive tin tie strips are affixed along the bag's top, enabling easy resealing by folding over the edges as needed.

  3. Hang Holes: Designed for retail display, hang holes are punched through the packaging material, often during manufacturing. Customizable in size and shape, they facilitate product presentation on pegs or hooks according to display needs.

  4. Labels: Vital for branding, product information, and regulatory compliance, labels are semi-automatically applied post-manufacturing. Adhesive labels are affixed onto the package, featuring customized designs, product details, and barcodes to enhance visibility and consumer engagement.

In essence, these elements are integrated into packaging processes to enhance functionality and branding, with application methods tailored to specific packaging types and product requirements.