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Food Bags

At StockBag Depot, we strive to be the #1 supplier in food bags. We offer food-grade, quality bags that provide excellent protection against moisture, oxygen and UV light. Our huge stock inventory of foil bags, poly bags and paper bags come in various styles, colors and sizes. From 1oz to 40lbs, whether you need sample size side gusseted bags for your promotional items or if you need large stand up pouches to fill bulk-size orders, we have just the bag you need.

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Paper Bags

As a convenience to you, we also provide several value-added application services at minimal fee valve application, tin tie application and label application. Our degassing valve allows freshly roasted coffee beans to be packaged immediately without losing the aroma and freshness. Our tin tie application allows your customers to re-close bags at ease. You may always mix and match our tin ties with our side gusseted bags for greater color combinations at no extra charge!

The smooth surface quality of our food bags is ideal for applying labels. With our labeling application, you can either send us your labels and we will apply them on the bags that you purchase from us, or we can print and apply the labels for you.

Over the past several decades, many industries have switched their packaging choice from tin cans, bottles or boxes to bags, for bags are low in cost and high in efficiency. We at StockBag Depot are proudly serving the specialty food, coffee, tea, dried fruit, nuts, snack, supplement and pet treat industries with our quality products and excellent services. So what are you waiting for? Just shop and save with us today!

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Packaging supplier of coffee bags, foil bags, paper bags, stand up pouches, flat pouches and box bottom bags, flat bottom bags, block bottom bags for all your flexible packaging needs. Our bags can package coffee, food, snacks, pet treats and various other products.

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